"Women in Community" Sarah DeSpain

We are bringing back our empowering women series this year with highlighting "women in our community"! There are so many things I love about being a business owner and one of them is meeting some of the most awesome women in our local community. I love hearing about their stories, lives, and what their passion is. The past few years have consisted of a lot of changes for everyone, especially for small businesses. And I find myself constantly grateful for women that continue to support our local businesses season after season.
And Sarah is absolutely one of those women. Meet her below! 

1. Tell us about yourself!I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I grew up in Oklahoma City and Owasso, went to OU and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism-PR. I moved to OKC after graduating college and never left! I love the outdoors, walks/hikes, cycling, travel, art, brunch, baking, spending time with friends & family, and my cat, Penny.2. What do you currently do in OKC and what do you love most about your job?I work at Oklahoma City Indian Clinic in Human Resources. I love working in healthcare and a non-profit that serves our Native American community. It’s all about the people. I’m so grateful to work with so many amazing people who have big hearts and passion for the work we do. We are constantly working on improving how we can better serve or provide for our patients (and staff) which makes it an especially motivating and encouraging place to work. I get to provide support to our team every day, and that feels rewarding even if it’s something seemingly small.3. What do you feel are your biggest challenges in your position as a woman?Finding my voice and being assertive was a challenge early on in my career and still is at times. It’s an ongoing practice to remain confident in my knowledge, experience and skills in the workplace and beyond.4. What do you love most about the OKC local community?I like that it feels big enough there is so much to do, but still has a smaller community feel. When you go to events or out you usually run into someone you know. OKC has a friendly vibe; people care about the city and each other. We’re open to growth, new possibilities, and it’s been awesome to watch our city improve and continue to evolve!5. What are some of your favorite local places to shop and eat in OKC?Nhu Avenue, of course!!I love getting to explore new local restaurants and shops when they open in our community. For food, I love: Chelino’s - an OKC classic!, Frida Southwest, Aurora for brunch, Stella Nova for coffee, Harvey Bakery for pastries.

Photographer: Framed U.P. Photography by Uyen Phi

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