“Women in Community” Kim DelosAngeles

Our "Women in Community" for July is Kim DeLosAngeles. She is a pharmacy manager by day and by night she turns into a cookie making guru with her custom cookie business @sugartherapyokc. Make sure you follow her! And Kim is also no stranger to fashion and style. It was a golden hour shoot with our woman of the month! Read more about our girl below! 

1) Tell us about yourself!

I am a Vietnamese-American pharmacist who is proud mother of 3 (1 daughter and 2 bonus daughters). Being an extreme extrovert and a lover of food, an ideal night would be sharing a delicious meal with friends or family and playing a game or doing an activity. I am always down for a board game or video game; for my active play, I like tennis, volleyball, pickleball, bowling, and my goal is to be good at golf when I am older (I only have time for Topgolf in this stage of my life).

2) What do you currently do and what do you love about your job?

During the day, I manage a specialty pharmacy. Our pharmacy specializes in oral cancer medications and at-home injectables for various disease states like pulmonology, gastrointestinal, rheumatology, and neurology. I love helping connect patients to their medications as these medications are usually harder to get insurance companies to approve paying for them in addition to being expensive. My team helps the doctors’ offices obtain medication approvals and financial assistance and understanding their medication—how to use/take them, side effects, drug interactions, etc. This job is satisfying as I truly believe we make a difference. Without my team, some patients may never be able to receive their life-changing medication.

At night, I help my stepdaughter with our custom sugar cookie business called Sugar Therapy OKC. I help decorate the cookies, and I love that it uses a different part of my brain; I get to utilize the creative part of my brain versus the science one that I have been using all day. It is also really satisfying hearing that it made someone’s day to have received them or that it made some bellies happy (especially the little kids)!

3) What do you love about Oklahoma City?

I love how friendly people are in Oklahoma City! Since I love to travel and usually the people in other places are not as friendly (in general) as they are here in Oklahoma. So although I love to visit new places, I do not dread coming home! Also, Oklahoma City is really moving up as new restaurants, hotels, and activities continue to emerge and expand. The future is exciting!

4) What are some of your favorite places to shop and eat?

Obviously, I love to shop at Nhu Avenue! I love the versatile clothes there: professional and fun! I love to eat at La Riserva and Black Walnut for savory foods. For dessert, I love La Baguette cakes and Boomtown Creamery.

5) List 3 must do things in Oklahoma City.

· See a show at the Civic Center or a concert/ Thunder game at the Paycom Center

· Have dinner at Vast to see the city from up high and ideally at sunset time (OKC has beautiful sunsets)

· Visit downtown where there have been many updates and there are always activities going on: Myriad Botanical, Scissortail Park, and Scissortail Sports Pavilion


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