Empowering Women with Samantha Vu

Kindness and Beauty, it does exist! And our empowering woman of the month is Samantha Vu. Each month we are collaborating with the talented Mike Aguilar Photography to show and feature our amazing boss girls in our community.

Samantha is not only kind, giving, daring but she is also gorgeous, brains, and absolutely a role model for any young future boss girl to look up to. Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut and there are things we don’t even dare to think of pursuing because lets get real…life happens. But that is where my admiration for Samantha comes in. She is not only a full-time scientist, she is also a philanthropist and is involved in her community and culture, a mother of 3, a wife, and a true beauty queen. Samantha was rewarded the Mrs. Vietnam International and she will be competing for the title of Mrs. International 2018 this year in West Virginia. Previously to the Mrs. Vietnam title, Samantha was also placed 3rd runner up for Mrs. Oklahoma. And with that she was awarded Mrs. Congeniality, an award given and voted amongst her fellow pageant contestants! And if that isn’t enough, Samantha was nominated for #GivingTuesday for the month of March #WomenWhoGive series in honor of Women’s History month.   

I have been so inspired by Samantha not only because she is all brains and beauty, but she is one of the kindest and uplifting women I know. I see her constantly lifting and supporting other women in the community, me included. And for all the reasons above she is our Wonder Woman! To follow her journey for the upcoming pageant, you can check her out on Instagram @samantha_vu!

Getting to know Samantha!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
-How did you get into pageants?
My mom signed me up for my very first pageant. She has always been my worst critic but yet my biggest cheerleader. She has always pushed me to be my very best and I’m so glad she did.                                                          
-What do you enjoy most about being in pageants?
The women I get to meet!! Talk about intelligent, ambitious, talented, and giving women. Most of the contestants have a platform or charity they work with to promote, so I love the fact that we all get to give back to our community.     
-What are the biggest challenges for you when it comes to pageants?
 My challenges have changed with age. In the beginning it was fear of performance, just finding my purpose and working on my confidence. Now as a mom, my challenge is teaching my kids that being yourself and working hard is tough but can be so rewarding. But that’s the best part about pageantry, overcoming the challenges and fear I have and being a role model for my children.                                                                                                                  
-How do you manage your time with a career, family, community service, and pageants?
Now this is also a challenge. I have a very supportive husband who allows me to give myself and time to others. I plan and schedule accordingly so it does not effect my family life. It also helps that I’m a night owl and can function on very little sleep when needed. 
-What advice would you give someone that is wanting to pursue pageantry?
Just do it!! It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and fine tune your interview skills, your public speaking, and doing more for your community. It’s an amazing network system, all the women you get to meet will challenge you to be a better version of you. 

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